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Welcome to the ACT Gifted Families Support Group.

ACT Gifted Families Support Group Assoc. Inc. provides support for gifted children and their families by way of organising fun and education activities, guest speakers, family days, and general information and guide to other resources.  The group also provides support and information for parents of Twice Exceptional/Gifted Learning Disabled (GLD) children.  Our most popular feature is our journal "Gifted" which is available free to all our members...




Annual General Meeting

Our first annual general meeting will be held:

When: Monday 12th September 2016

Commencing: 7:00pm for a 7:15pm start

Where: Belconnen Community Centre, 26 Chandler Street, Belconnen ACT 2617

Additional information: Following the end of the AGM there will be a discussion of activities and events for 2016/17.

Please come along and meet the committee and other members of the association.


ACT Gifted Families Support Group

In Celebration of Gifted Awareness Week
Seminar and Presentation of Professional Appreciation Awards Thursday 17th March commencing at 7:00pm

Seminar Presentation: Developing skills in teachers of gifted children

now and into the future.

This presentation will give an overview of teaching training and the challenges faced by new teachers. Additionally it will provide opportunity for participants to have input into how they feel these challenges can be met through school communities working together and in particular what teachers and other relevant professionals can do to increase their knowledge and experience in meeting the needs of gifted students.

Discussion is currently taking place by governments about the quality of students entering universities to study teaching and the quality of teacher graduates. The feeling is that both these standards need to be raised if Australia is to improve its international ranking on world tests such as PISA. Therefore what are undergraduates taught at university to prepare them to become teachers?

In particular are these teachers being adequately prepared to meet the challenge of teaching students who are gifted? Additionally teachers may need to recognise that these students may also demonstrate difficulties in their learning. Do these courses prepare them for teaching in the 21st century? What would a list look like of things that exist today that did not exist 20 or 30 years ago? In light of that list teachers are faced with challenges today that are different to those of twenty years ago.

This will be followed by the presentation of Professional Appreciation Awards

When: Thursday 17th March 2016 7:00pm 9:00pm
Where: The Hall, Hedley Beare Centre for Teaching and Learning, 51 Fremantle Drive Stirling ACT
Cost: Non-members $30; Members free*

Tickets available at: http://dr-catherine-wormald-seminar-and-appreciation-


*Membership forms are available at


Elizabeth Singer
ACT Gifted Families Support Group PO Box 141 Jamison Centre ACT Email

What's new in 2016...







ACT Department of Education Gifted and Talented Policy

See http://www.det.act.gov.au/teaching_and_learning/curriculum_programs/g-and-talented-education to access the 2014 policy and parent fact sheets.

Latest News:

We are currently working with Leanne Wright (Director of Teaching and Learning, ACT Education and Training Directorate) to develop an essential proforma for an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) for gifted students in ACT schools.


Gifted Awareness Week

many events in various location across Australia
third week of March

2015 International Gifted Conference

Illuminating the Spectrum of Giftedness and Talent Development,
Hosted by QATC on 19th-21st March 2015

Columbus Group will present in New Zealand on 13th and 14th April 2015


Victoria Association for Gifted and Talented Children

May 2015

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